vidIq VISION FOR YouTube: The Definitive Guide [ Actionable Video SEO 2019 Tips ]

If you want to know about VidIq VISION FOR YouTube Video SEO 2019, You are at right place.

Here I am going to reveal actionable guide about VidIq with scientific data and static data.

First I tried Tubebuddy for YouTube Video SEO. It is an awesome free YouTube Analytic tool.

Recently I came to know about VidIq and now I use vidIq.

Vidiq is really mindblowing analytics tool for YouTube video.

Here I am going to share each and everything about VidIq.

Stay Tuned…..

Vidiq VISION for YouTube Content list

What is VidIq for YouTube?

  1. VidIq is an analytic tool for YouTube Creators.
  2. VidIq is a Google Chrome extension.
  3. VidIq is a Video SEO tool for YouTube Video.
  4. Some say VidIq is Video keyword research tool. Keywords and Tags are same in YouTube.

YouTube Video SEO 2019

Here I am explaining YouTube Video SEO with some data.

Those days are gone when People were totally dependent on Google Search Box.

Now People are smarter. They want their answer in visual mode.

People love Video-Audio format because our brains are programmed in such a way that it retains visual content better than a text.

Scientists say

  1. 65 % percent of people are visual learners.
  2. People keep 80% percent in mind what they see or watch.
  3. People only keep 20 % of what they read.
  4. Pictures were the first language in the world.


VidIq Vision for YouTube 2


Statistics Data shows

  1. Visual Content brings 67 % percent more traffics.
  2. 80% percent are video traffics on the internet.



The video is a most easier way to convey your message to the audience.

I prefer to go on YouTube to find the answer to my questions and if I do not find my answer then I would go on google.

Wait…… Here I get an opportunity.

Maybe… Some other person is also searching the same thing.

It is a good time to make a video on that topic because demand is more and supply is less. Think…?

YouTube is the second most biggest search Engine in the World. You can second search engine giant in the World.

Data reveals ” Users are moving to YouTube from Google”.

Why are Company or brands moving to YouTube?

Companies are focusing more on YouTube than TV or Newspapers.  Have you noticed?

Answer is –

  1. Visual aids are most effective when they are displayed.
  2. 85 % percent more chance to buy products if customers watch a Video ad
  3. The video is more engaging and more memorable.

Neil Patel and Brian Dean ( Backlinko) are the best examples for it.

They do not to the third party to advertise their products. They do their advertisement themselves.

Neil Patel advertises his product (Ubersuggest) on YouTube and brings huge traffic from YouTube to his website and the same Brian Dean does. I am one of his audience.

What is YouTube Video SEO?

I would like to say in one sentence “boosting traffic to your YouTube Video“.

In my personal opinion, I would also like to say ” YouTube Traffic is equal to the sum of Quality Content Plus Video SEO strategy.

YouTube Traffic= Quality Content + Video SEO Strategy



If you have good quality content and good Video SEO strategy, Your video will be boosted.

It will be reached to your defined audience.

YouTube bot will take the responsibility to push your video to the destination at the right time.

Why we need YouTube Video SEO?

Yes…… We can upload videos on YouTube without doing Video SEO.

Nobody is going to stop you but here I have a question for you.

  1. How will YouTube Bot understand your Video content (Is it a song or Is it news or Is it tutorial)?
  2. Where will YouTube suggest your video?

If you do not do Video SEO strategy, Do not expect for Views because YouTube Bot will not able to define your video. It is just blank for YouTube bot.



Let say you are an employee of XYZ company.

You are an extraordinary employee and you give more value to xyz company.

You are doing well but you are not alone in the queue. There are also some employees who are doing good so my question is

  1. How will you reach your next destination?
  2. How will xyz company give you next opportunity?

The answer is Visibility. You have to show your visibility to your organization.

And the same goes for YouTube Video. There are n numbers of YouTubers.

They give good quality content like you but here you need Video SEO to show visibility of Video to YOuTube Bot. Video SEO helps to improve your rank and boost traffic to your video.

I have already consumed your time but I want to share it with scientific data, static data and with correct explanation.
Without wasting further time, let start………


How to Install VidIq Extention on Google Chrome

  • Open your Google Chrome.
  • Open Google Search Engine and Type Google Chrome Web Store. Enter it.


VidIq Vision for YouTube


  • You will get given below screen. Open first link ” Chrome Web Store”




  • You will get given below screen.




  • Search VidIq in search box given in the left side of the screen.


Video SEO 2019 1


  • You will get given below screen. There is a tab or button ” Add to Chrome“/ Click it.




  • You will get given below screen. Here it will show two tabs ” Add extension” and ” Cancel“. Click ” Add extension”.




Congrats…..  VidIq chrome extension is installed. See blue icon “IQ” on top of the screen.



When you click it on Icon “IQ”, you will get a ton of options. They all are pretty good options but some are for vidiq paid version.

VidIq Vision for YouTube 5


VidIQ Important tabs

When you install VidIq Chrome extension on Google Chrome, You will see five options at the left side of YouTube Home Page.

  1. vidIq Competitors
  2. vidIq Trend alerts
  3. vidIq Most Viewed
  4. vidIq Channel Audit
  5. vidIq Achievement


VidIq Vision for YouTube 6

You can also get these option in your YouTube creator studio page.

VidIq Competitors

  1. When you click on tab “Competitors”, you will get given below screen.
  2. You need to search the Channel ID of Your YouTube Competitor and add them.


VidIq Vision for YouTube 7


Here, you will get to know what your competitor is doing.

Their ranked video’s tags/ keywords of viral video.

Fortunately or Unfortunately my competitor has not recently uploaded any video so I got the pop
message ” Your competitors have no trending videos for the selected period.

Try changing the period using the buttons above or check back later”.


VidIq Vision for YouTube 8


VidIq Trend alerts

Here it shows Viral video on your niche. It is showing blur because my VidIQ plan is over.

I need to upgrade my VidIq Pro plan.

  1. Track trending videos that match the “apple” and “iPhone”or “Any” keywords
  2. Track trending videos from your competitors
  3. Track gaming videos with over 500 VPH.




VidIq Most Viewed

Here you can find most viewed videos on your tags/keywords and niche.
It shows analytic data of

  1. Past 48 hours
  2. This week
  3. This month
  4. Past six months


VidIq Vision for YouTube 10

You can further target your audience by filtering via category, country, and views.

VidIq Channel Audit

This dashboard shows your YouTube channel performance

  1. How much Views you got recently.
  2. How much Subscribers you gained.
  3. What is your competitor doing in real-time?


VidIq Vision for YouTube 11


VidIq Channel Audit in detail

  • When you hover your mouse on views, it shows how much you gained views
    this month and last month.




  • When you hover the mouse on subscribers, it shows how many subscribers you gained
    this month and last month




  • When you hover your mouse on watch time, it shows how many minutes you videos were watched.





vidIq keyword search for YouTube

Keyword research Part1

This function of VidIq is best and actionable.

Here we can easily find keywords or tags for our video. It shows keyword Volume and VidIq keyword competition of your keyword.

  1. keyword Volume
  2. keyword competition
  3. Highest views on given keywords
  4. Subscribers
  5. Age of channel
  6. Name of YouTube creator

So let’s start to find keyword ………. Here I take keyword ” Eminem ”

  1. You simply have to search your keyword in YouTube search box.
  2. On the right side of the screen, you get details of your keyword.


VidIq Vision for YouTube 15


We find “Eminem” is not a good keyword. Search volume is showing 100 which is fine but competition is also showing 100.

Best keywords are those which has maximum volume and less competition.

When we scroll the screen, we get more information about the rooted keyword ie. Related queries with overall keyword score.




When we notice the center of the screen, we find more detail about video on your given keyword.

  1. Shared on Facebook
  2. Percentage of engagement.


VidIq Vision for YouTube 17


Eminem- fall is showing 97 % percent engagement. It means 3% dislike this video and 97 % like this video.

When we click on percentage, it will show exactly like and dislike ratio.


VidIq Vision for YouTube 18

VidIq YouTube Video Analysis

1. Embed
2. Advance Comment

Embed Video

For analysis purpose, I click on the video ” Eminem- Love The way You Lie ft. Rihanna

It is also one of the best function by VidIq. YouTube provides simple embed option but here VidIq provides advance Embed.


  1. VidIq-Vision-for-YouTube


YouTube used to allow us to untick ” Show related video” and “Hide YouTube Logo”, ” Autoplay” etc. With the help of VidIq, we still tick or untick while embedding the video.




Let say you want to embed your video or someone video on your website.

If you do not untick the ” Show related video”, it will show more videos at the end of the video and most probably, the audience would go from your Platform (website) to YouTube.

In simple words, you are losing your audience.

Advance Comment

You get the advance comment option just below the video. Here you can filter the comment accordingly.




VidIq Optimization checklist

On the right side video, You get the information like social sharing, Video SEO score, and Video Optimization checklist.

If you find any missing in the checklist, You can update by editing a video.


VidIq Vision for YouTube 23


Further, when you scroll the screen, you can find tags used in that video.

  1. Total views of the video
  2. Average daily views
  3. Views last 30 days
  4. Subscribers
  5. Ranked keywords




Lest check another keyword Part 2 ” How to write an article”

I searched this keyword on YouTube search box and I got given below screens at the right side of the screen.




  1. Search volume for this keyword is pretty good and competition is also good.
  2. The overall score is showing 81 which is good for YouTube Video SEO.
  3. Anything which is greater than 60 is a good tag for video.
  4. It is showing highest views 6,159,540 so it means – Video on this tag has got 6,159,540 views. If you use this tag, you would get maximum 6,159,540 views.

When we scroll down the screen, we get lots of other related tags with the score. You can use all those related tags.



Lest check another keyword Part 3 ” Backlinks”

It shows search volume 72 and keyword competition 16 which is also good for Video SEO.

It shows the overall score for this keyword is 78. We can blindly use this for the tag.



Another Keyword Part 4 ” Article writing”

VidIq shows 47 search volume score and 26 keyword competition for this tag.

The overall score is 60. As I told you anything which is 60 or more than 60 is a good score.

You can use this tag in your video.



You would get a maximum 637,618 view for this tag.

When we scroll down the screen, we get some other related keywords with the score.

You can choose any tags accordingly.




VidIq Suggestion for Tags


VidIq Vision for YouTube 27

While uploading a video on YOuTube, You get lots of option by VidIQ.
The most important feature you will get is a tag suggestion.

VidIq suggests some best tags for your video.  When you click it, it get automatically added as a tag in your video.




Least but not last VidIq Bulk feature

If you want to write common this of all videos description, You can do it with help of VidIq.

Mass Edit Videos
Mass Edit cards and End screens
Description Campaigns




It is a good and actionable thing to mention all your social media links in the description box.

Audiences will connect via these links to your other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you are in India and want to learn Digital marketing / SEO free in the Hindi language, please click and subscribe DigiManako. In this YouTube channel, I upload SEO training videos and also video SEO 2019.






Another tool – TubeBuddy for YouTube

Complete YouTube SEO

Give me feedback. I love feedback.  I believe feedback is a more precious gift in the World.


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