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Welcome to Orangus Inc. Youtube Channel. This Space video blog for those people who have an interest in Space, Astrology, Universe, Solar System, Planets, etc. Nishant Chandravanshi creates Educational space science videos with the help of experts and trustworthy sources Like NASA, ISRO, Forbes, etc.

Scientists (from ISRO, NASA &, etc) are doing their best to search many mysteries are hidden in space.

Scientists have done many researched and they are still studying about space and planets.

Leonard Suskind, associated with this discovery, is a scientist at Stanford University and he has some questions that can be in the minds of almost everyone in the world. 

What is space? Why is space like this? Why is space three dimensional? What is a black hole? How big it is?

Why is space big? Why does it have free space? And why is space not small, why is it big? 

Many scientists have given their answers according to their theories and researchers and they have tried to satisfy the world completely.

Alex Filippenko, a scientist at the University of California, says about space is –

We have not been fully known yet. But some research has shown that fortunately, we are not completely in the dark. 

When we rotate round and round, space is also spinning with itself.

When we do this, we feel a sense of outward tension. But this does not happen.

According to Sir Isaac Newton, space is in the form of space in the entire universe. 

Space is the space where the universe plays its dramatics. 

According to Newton, space is absolute and immutable.

No work can affect the space and space itself cannot affect your work. 

Thus, Newton’s immutable theory has allowed us to understand almost all of the space propositions, from the fall of an apple tree to the Earth’s orbit of the Sun. 

These rules of Newton worked well in understanding space. According to them, the space is real but cannot see it, cannot touch it.

Nishant Chandravanshi has created the Orangus inc youtube channel to explain all these space science mysteries through Youtube video format. 

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