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Welcome to HistorioGraphy YouTube Channel. Watch Videos on History, People, Biography, International Politics, and many more in English . Nishant Chandravanshi Makes education History videos for all generations. All information are from Trustworthy Sources & Discussed with experts (Historians) before Publishing the History Videos

The details of war, big events, and people are considered as history. This history used to be about King Maharaja and his policies. 

In society, children always have different questions about history in their minds. We are eager to know some things.

Just as there was no equipment like TV and radio in the olden days, how did the people of that time keep or receive information about other news of the country and the world?

In the era when there were no airplanes, rail, and motor vehicles, how did people carry out remote trips at that time? When and how the cultivation of food we eat started. 

The answers to these questions arising from our life and living today can be found only by looking through the history of the past.

Therefore, history is not only about yesterday, but also about today. 

History today is not just a compilation of biographies and political events of great people. History is also about common people and it is also about the changes in the lives of ordinary people.

DR. History According to Radhakrishnan, the nation’s memory. But even this historian is not completely convinced with this statement and there may be some truth in it because of many nations and mankind is aware of their forgotten glory and past from history.

According to Collingwood, history is a unique knowledge and it is the source of all human knowledge.

This seems to be true because, in history itself, the entire past of mankind has been merged.

According to Charles Firth, history is not a branch of knowledge but a special kind of knowledge that is useful in human daily life.

According to Henri Pinere, history is the story of the actions and achievements of human beings living in society.
According to Rapson, the details related to events or ideas are very history.

Historiography inc channels came in existence to cover all these.

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