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Welcome to DigiManako BlackBoard videos blog by Nishant Chandravanshi.  He creates Hindi videos on social issues, Political News, Trending Breaking News, Science Facts (Space & Astrology), History facts, Biography and Digital Marketing. First, he analyses the niches & topics with the help of experts and Trustworthy Sources ( Forbes, Nasa, Isro). 

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DigiManako is also the Most Recognized Digital Marketing Agency & Institute.

In this BlackBoard Sunday Facts videos blog aka Most Interesting Facts About the World, you will get all Informative videos on:-

  • Most Interesting and Amazing Facts About the World
  • Trending Breaking News
  • Social Reforms
  • Political News
  • Science Facts
  • History of People and Events 
  • Technical Videos
  • Etc.

This DigiManako Youtube Channel blog get updated every week and make it updated blog for the DigiManako Learner Community.

If you have any technical issue or you want to understand a certain topic, you can email your topics or you can mention in the comment box.

In fact, this is an on-demand video blog.

All videos are published on demand so sometimes it takes time to fulfill every request because a video will get uploaded once a week.

But it does not mean you request will not be fulfilled. We maintain the request excel sheet & I work on first come first service method. If you want your name in the video, feel free to mention it so that We can mention your name in my video.

My vision is to spread social general knowledge through DigiManako YouTube Channel blog.

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