Best WordPress Plugins Essential for your blog!

Best WordPress Plugins Essential for your blog!

Here you find Best WordPress Plugins.

We can say that a plugin is a piece of software or apps that allow us adding features & functions to a WordPress website.

It also used to extend the functionality of preloaded functions in WordPress as the app does for our smartphone.

There are n numbers of free good WordPress plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory but the thing is what we should use for our website.

First, we have to think here as a reader and find what we need on this website which will make us comfortable to read and navigate the articles.

Second, we should imagine what facility we require here on the website and then find the related plugins in WordPress Admin.

We should examine our website time to time and if we found something is inappropriate plugins then we can easily activate or deactivate Plugins at any time we want.

There is the general misconception that too many WordPress plugins can slow down our website but the truth is different.

Sometimes plugin developers do not update their plugins files with updated WordPress release and that causes a problem & sometimes developer assumes that update is not required.

Best WordPress Plugins make our and visitor’s work easily.

A group of proper WordPress hosting plugin can help us to move our business to next levels via getting more traffic.  So, here are the top WordPress evergreen plugins –

All 404 redirect to Homepage

It is very useful when viewers land to our deleted articles.

It redirects all 404 error pages to your Homepage and maintains your brand image on the web.

Think like a reader.
If you see the useful post and you click to see it but unfortunately you get an error i.e. 404-page error.

You, as a viewer, cannot waste 2 seconds and this way we lost our Readers.

According to my experience, every blogger should keep it to make the website user-friendly & Best WordPress Plugins for business.


Best WordPress Plugins – Akismet

Do you ever experience spam comments?

Yes. Definitely must-have.

Spammers always put irrelevant links, photos, and comments on the website and it makes our page’s SEO score bad.

We can prevent it by disabling comment section but it not better solutions.

Akismet does one thing but it does well. In order to keep our website clean & user-friendly, We should install Akismet.

It blocks the spam and It gives the control over spam comment.

It allows us to approve comments and sometimes Akismet does wrong, then you can Still, approve them.

It is the best SEO WordPress plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins
Best WordPress Plugins



Popular posts

It helps us to show popular posts and reviews to readers.

You can also keep the thumbnail of posts with headlines and showing read more links which will redirect to main content.

It gets synchronized with categorization and time frame.

Moreover, you can arrange the number of posts, except for length and minimum post numbers.


It is very helpful for those who are WordPress newbie because it has drag and drop interface which allows us to easily create payment forms, email subscription forms, contact forms and other forms within the fraction of seconds.

It has several prebuilt forms which save more time and makes mobile-friendly.

Page Counter

When we think page counter, Jetpack comes first.

It is a widely used plugin to analyze site traffic.

Jetpack helps us to know the exact figure for traffic and also helps to make site secure.

Google Analytics is another good option which works in the same manners.

It also gives genuine and meaning traffic data.

Best WordPress Plugins
Best WordPress Plugins


it is another best analytics WordPress plugin which helps us to learn about our audience nature & behavior.

It is a kind of tool which generated stats of website showing engagement, demographics, referral tracking, file download tracking, etc.

You can find out where your traffic is coming from, which links is getting more clicks, what content has more views and what are they doing on your website.

You can easily get updates and reports of your site in real-time.

It will be best WordPress Plugins in the market.


Social Shared Counts

It is widely installed plugins which comes with tons of customized options.

You can get the numbers of Facebook likes, LinkedIn share, twitter and so on.

It is user-friendly and allows you to drag and drop which mean you can choose selective social media and arrange them with your accordance.

It is one of the best WordPress Plugins for 2018.

Best WordPress Plugins
Best WordPress Plugins


If you do not want to lose your website site, then you should install it to back up your data.

It is a backup tool which allows you to keep your data safe and secure Google Drive, Google Cloud, Dropbox, etc and you can restore saved data anytime



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