Best PC Games of all the Time

Are you a fan of computer games but not sure what you should buy next best games in the world?

Do not worry, here you get a list of classic, adrenal rush games that would enhance any game library.

The top-rated games list includes competitive action games, survival and strategy games, puzzle and city-building games and multiplayer games.

The Best PC Games of all the Time are given below.

The list includes:

Best PC Games of all the Time – Six Siege

This high definition counter strike like the game is based on clever timing and team coordination which would ultimately lead you to your aim.

You would get a wide range of characters, guns, gadgets, and maps who would add more excitement to the game.

It has hit 40 million registered players across all platforms and the developer Ubisoft Montreal continues to support the game by providing major updates and regular fixes.

It comes under top games in the world and remains number 1 game in the world to date.

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Fortnite Battle Royale

This game evolved to be an arena shooter game that rewards good aims.

The architectural equality, green pastures, and skyscrapers provide a great background for the game.

With regular updates from the developer Epic, this game proves its worth for the money you are buying it with.

Unlike other games, it has a wide range of features and that is creating a building.

You have the option to build a wall, floor, windows, and ramp with your accordance.

It has exceeded 50 million players across all over the world and it is also in world top game.

Best PC Games of all the Time
Best PC Games of all the Time

Best PC Games of all the Time – Doom

This is the best shooting game of all times and it is the surprisingly atmospheric game.

This game is enhanced with storytelling and cutscenes that add more excitement to the game.

With the ridiculous fun ideas and an infinite stream of an adrenalin rush, this game justifies the effort of the player.

The developer id has given their best to fix the game regularly. Any game, bad or good,  which is played with friends is much better and it is far from bad.

The game has been sold nearing 3 million copies and it has around  40 million players.

Best PC Games of all the Time
Best PC Games of all the Time

Grand Theft Auto 

GTA, as it is famously known as, is an action-packed game.

Its open-world approach is best that can be seen in any game and what adds to the fun is that the city is really big.

The missions given are exciting and the superior graphics add to the feel of the game. Developed by Rockstar North, this is the best action computer game.

It never let you feel of restriction. It has been sold around 100 million copies.

Best PC Games of all the Time
Best PC Games of all the time best PC Games of all the Time

Assassin’s Creed

Origin- developed by  Ubisoft Montreal, this is a prequel to all the other Assassin’s Creed games.

This combat game is set during the period of Greek and Roman in Egypt.

This is one of the most famous action game which has high demand around the world.

It is the award-winning video game series and also an appealing game, with awesome graphics and atmosphere.

The game has around  25 million players and reached a total of 73 million in sales.

Best PC Games of all the Time
Best PC Games of all the Time

Stardew Valley

This is a building game where you inherit a farm and spend the day by growing crops and befriending the local people.

A simple yet entertaining & role-playing farm game developed by ConcernedApe will really give you a good time while playing it.

It is very addictive and It technically never ends a fun game to play.

The game has sold over 4 million copies across all over the world and Has made Over $30 Million in sales.

Best PC Games of all the Time
Best PC Games of all the Time


This strategy game is all about sending mech soldiers for planetary combat and managing everything that happens after the battle like dead pilots, broken mech legs and many more.

It is a science-fiction tactical wargame where players fight one another with various war weapons.

Developed by Harebrained Scheme, this game gives frequent interesting updates. It has 25 million active players.

Best PC Games of all the Time
Best PC Games of all the Time

Life is strange 

This is one of the best story-based video game ever which surprised the gamer with its young adult fiction storyline.

Life is Strange is an award-winning revolutionize story-based choice.

In this game, the player needs to focus on the earlier chapters which would be needed in the latter part of the game.

This Dontnod developed game is a story that you would find in your local bookstore.

It has been liked by more than 3 million players across the world.

Best PC Games of all the Time


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